Why a lack of employee training at your dog daycare makes you unsuccessful

How does a lack of employee training impact your business?

Have you had those individuals who you thought nailed the interview and would be rock star staff only to be disappointed over the next 30 days? Have you ever asked those individuals after you let them go why they felt things didn’t work out?  We have, and across the board those individuals will say they felt they weren’t trained well.  Wait—What? Not trained well? But you had them with every staffer learning the ropes, and yet they didn’t become a successful dog handler employee… 

Some of the reasons why they weren’t successful are because they weren’t hearing the same message or the same terms over and over to become embedded in their brains. Let’s face it: you made it look easy so they were very frustrated when they weren’t able to mimic your great dog handling skills. Dog Handler Academy breaks down all the steps that go into being a great dog handler into the fundamentals of how and why a dog does something (and what that looks like in a real-life scenario). This helps your new hires become better, skilled dog handlers. The success of your business relies on having successful dog handlers—training and communication equal success!  

We all know there are such small details that go into the big picture of dog handling, especially in a pack environment. Showing those minute details and how they create the big picture helps your new handler comprehend on a much grander scale. Showing them, articulating what is happening, and then quizzing them on best choices for the situation ensures their success and, in turn, your success.

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