Why standardizing communication improves employee performance at your dog daycare

Have you ever played the game where you tell one person a story and by the time it gets to person ten it’s not even close to the original story?

Do you think that happens when you are training a new staffer, who is likely overwhelmed with all that is going on in a Dog Care Facility?

Like when your new hire is shown different ways to clean kennels by multiple other staff members?

Using the Dog Handler Academy’s videos and quizzes ensures that your staff have visually and audibly learned the information needed to be a great handler.

Our quizzes add in accountability that your new employee did in fact learn the necessary lessons.

Removing the human component to consistently tell the same story over and over to each new hire saves you future headaches and hearing “I wasn’t taught that way.”

As humans we all have our own vocabulary and articulation techniques that play a role when we are communicating. Using consistent and repeatable videos as your training tool allows all of your staff to hear the same verbiage and see the same techniques.

Utilizing the same vocabulary to communicate and standardize processes vastly minimizes the guess work in daily operations.

As an example, if a staffer says a dog has diarrhea, that could mean several different types of poop.

To be blunt, it could mean pure liquid coming out their butt, an explosion of poop coming out, liquid with a few chunks of solid in the poop, or just very soft stool.

Having a specific word associated with each type of “diarrhea” ensures everyone is on the same page with the situation. This also aids in communicating to the client on their dog’s stool issue or if seeking medical care for the dog.

Having cohesive communications saves you time in teaching, in inter office communications and facilitates better communication to the client concerning their dog.

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