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Looking for a single course instead of a monthly membership?

Dog Handler to Day Trainer Course

This standalone course DOES NOT include access to our Dog Handler Academy monthly membership. If you are interested in a monthly membership, please view our membership plans.

Could your facility use a couple extra thousand dollars of revenue a month?
Simply carving out 1–2 hours for your dog handlers’ time a day and using treats, collar, and a leash is all it would take. 

If you could train your rockstar dog handler employees further, they could be an even more valuable asset for you and your business. In fact, they could help you create a new stream of revenue for your business. 

This is why we felt it was the perfect time to create our Dog Handler to Day Trainer course. With this course, each of your current rockstar dog handler employees can learn how to be a day trainer. We also provide you (as the facility owner or manager) with videos, resources, and ideas on how to create (or improve) your dog day training program.

With the purchase of our Dog Handler to Day Trainer course, you will receive:

  • One (1) user (employee) license for the Dog Handler to Day Trainer course (for your employee to access the course).
  • Facility dashboard access (where you as the facility administrator can view employee progress).
  • Facility access to the Dog Handler to Day Trainer standalone course and our exclusive day training videos and resources for you as the facility owner/manager.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to the course is revoked 60 (sixty) days after the employee has completed the course for both you and the employee. (Access will be granted again if you purchase a new license for another employee.)

*If you already purchased the Dog Handler to Day Trainer course and need to purchase an additional employee license, please purchase here.

Dog Handler to Day Trainer course outline

    • Module 0.1 – Course Overview 
    • Module 1.1 – The Trainer’s Mission 
    • Module 1.2 – Trainer’s Beliefs
    • Module 2.0 – Tools overview
    • Module 2.1 – Treats and Rewards 
    • Module 2.2 – Treat Pouches 
    • Module 2.3 – Training Leashes 
    • Module 2.4 – Collars 
    • Module 2.5 – Urban Tool Prep 
    • Module 2.6 – Safety Tools for Urban Training 
    • Module 2.7 – Using a short leash 
    • Module 2.8 – Long Leashes
    • Module 2.9 – Hand Signals
    • Module 2 Quiz
    • Module 3.0 – Importance of Trust 
    • Module 3.1 – Consistency 
    • Module 3.2 – Exploring 
    • Module 3.3 – Becoming a Resource
    • Module 3 Quiz
    • Module 4.0 – Attachment Overview 
    • Module 4.1 – Coercion 
    • Module 4.2 – Scent 
    • Module 4.3 – Affirmation 
    • Module 4.4 – Sculpting Behaviors 
    • Module 4 Quiz
    • Module 5.0 – Vocabulary Overview 
    • Module 5.1 – Linguistics 
    • Module 5.2 – Skill Set 
    • Module 5.3 – Name 
    • Module 5.4 – Good 
    • Module 5.5 – Anh-Anh 
    • Module 5.6 – Come 
    • Module 5.7 – Find It 
    • Module 5.8 – Wait 
    • Module 5 Quiz
    • Module 6.0 – Applications Overview 
    • Module 6.1 – Checklist for Outside 
    • Module 6.2 – Going Outside 
    • Module 6.3 – Training Pet Parents 
    • Module 6.4 – Training the Pet Family 
    • Module 6.5 – Bentley 
    • Module 6.6 – Jumpers 
    • Module 6 Quiz

This module provides criteria and instructions for employees to submit their video to Dog Handler Academy for review prior to receiving their course certification. Employees must submit a video that shows them as the trainer with a dog, demonstrating the following items from DHA’s Dog Handler to Day Trainer program:

      • Walking the dog, call the dog’s name, and give the dog treats along the walk.
      • General loose leash walking (without using the dog’s name).
      • An example with “wait” command (e.g., enter/exit through a door with the dog with the dog waiting to enter/exit).
      • An example with “anh-anh” command and spatial pressure.
  • A PDF of the employee’s Dog Handler to Day Trainer course certificate is provided for the employee to save and the option to print. Please ensure the employee has provided you with their certificate; after the employee completes the course, you and the employee only have access to the course for 60 days.

Want to see it in action? 

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the Dog Handler to Day Trainer course videos!

Day Training Operations Manual for Facility Owners

With the purchase of the Dog Handler to Day Trainer course, you as the facility owner also get access to our Day Training Operations Manual resources (like a pre-training evaluation form and training report card) as well as videos, including the following topics. 

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Program Scope
  • 1.2 Pharma
  • 1.3 Program Philosophy
  • 1.4 Language decisions
  • 1.5 Hard & Soft Inventory
  • 1.6 Enrichment Items
  • 1.7 Choosing Handlers
  • 1.8 Marketing
  • 1.9 Pricing

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