Common sense is not common

Have you wondered where common sense has gone?

It seems common sense isn’t so common, and as an entrepreneur you can get frustrated when something you feel is common sense isn’t being handled properly. There are lots of factors and debate that could go into why common sense isn’t common, but let’s stick to the positive points of trying to break down the skills of common sense. 

Not everyone has used a mop. I know, crazy right? Or they give you the deer-in-the-headlights look when you tell them to mop in a figure eight. Dog Handler Academy works very hard to take things all the way down to the fundamentals of how to do things and why they’re important. We have found that teaching the “why” gives the staffers buy-in on the importance of what they are doing. Why is it important to mop in a figure eight configuration versus just pushing it back and forth—so the dirt is collected in the strands and can be swept up right away since the figure eight naturally brings the dirt into a pile.  

Don’t make assumptions

They always say to assume (someone understands what you mean) makes an ass out of you and me. If someone doesn’t understand what is being said or taught, it can cause frustration on both parties. No one goes into a job wanting to be frustrated and feel insecure in what they are doing. Dog Handler Academy sets the example of who, what, how, and WHY things need to happen in a facility setting. By showing videos of how to do things or how things look in a pack and then giving a quiz to ensure comprehension allows both the staffer and the employer to move past the “I wasn’t shown that” phase. Our quizzes will help you later as well when a staffer says that they don’t remember being taught that skill. Videos and quizzes can be reviewed over and over at any time.

Our videos are meant to set a foundation for you to build upon with your employees. They help get your employee thinking about how things work so they can use some simple deduction to make good choices.

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