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How often do you see your new hires struggling to remove various types of dog collars?

Here is an example of one of the 12 videos we have in DHA Course 101 specifically regarding how to remove and replace the various types of collars, leashes, and harnesses that a dog may be wearing when entering your facility.

Module Quiz Demo

Here are some quiz questions from the end of the collars, leashes, and harnesses module in DHA Course 101.



Facility Dashboard Demo

The facility dashboard allows you to view the progress for each employee (team members). The facility can easily add or remove employees here and also see how many licenses are available. Whenever the facility has an employee leave, simply remove them from the facility dashboard list of team members to free up that license, and add a new employee when one has been hired. Contact us if you need to upgrade your membership for more licenses than your current membership allows. 

The facility also has access to the main course dashboard to view the course (with immediate access to all modules). We recommend that you become familiar with the full course in case any employees have any questions. 

Contact us for a quote if you would like to have custom content added to the course exclusively for your employees!

View a video tour of the facility dashboard below.

Employee Dashboard

The employee dashboard allows team members (employees) to watch our welcome video and then begin the Get Started module. From there, they can proceed through the course one module at a time. As they view the videos and get a passing score on the quiz, they gain access to the next module in the course. Once they have viewed all videos and passed all quizzes in the course, they can access their certificate of completion at the end of the last module. Their certificate of completion can be downloaded and saved, printed, or emailed (the facility should provide the employee with instructions on how submit their certificate to save or print it for facility personnel records).

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