Business Culture 101

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Your business already has a company culture, but is your culture working for you?

In this course for pet business owners and managers, our expert details HOW to build a healthy culture for your business.  


Dog Handler Academy teamed up with business culture and HR expert Rob Van Craenenbroeck from Culture @ Work to create a course on business culture that is designed specifically for the dog daycare and boarding industry. We’re confident this course, which taps into Rob’s 30+ years in HR and culture, can help your business.

About the Expert

Rob Van Craenenbroeck has been a Human Resource and Learning & Development practitioner for the past 30 years. He has led Human Resource teams in multiple industries including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and academia in such roles as VP Talent Acquisition and Director of Learning and Development. Rob has also provided leadership for national and global sales forces and served in the capacity of Director of Human Resources and Vice President of Operations for Kaplan Professional Education. 

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Development. During his career, Rob has helped companies emerge from bankruptcy and has been a catalyst for successful organizational change. He is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitates cultural change workshops through his consulting business.

Business Culture 101 Course Outline

  • 1.0 Course Introduction
  • 1.1 Your Teacher
  • 1.2 What Is Culture in Business?
  • 1.3 Leadership
  • 1.4 Cultural Consciousness
  • 1.5 Avoiding Resentment in Your Team
  • 1.6 How to Incentivize Your Team
  • 1.7 Why Change?
  • 2.1 Preparing to Build a New Culture
  • 2.2 The Barriers You Will Face
  • 2.3 Implementing Changes
  • 2.4 A Healthy Culture vs. a Typical Culture 
  • 2.5 Key Concepts
  • 2.6 Talent (including red flags, retention, development, motivation, and termination)
  • 2.7 How a Good Culture Can Attract Talent
  • 2.8 Nine-Box Grid for Culture Evaluation
  • 2.9 Knowing When to Offer an Exit 
  • 2.10 Terminating Employment
  • 2.11 Helping Employees to Grow
  • 3.1 Key Behavior Habits
  • 3.2 Relationship Equity
  • 3.3 Employee Growth and Work Purpose
  • 3.4 Accepting That Not All Interactions Are Going to Be Positive
  • 3.5 The Platinum Rule
  • 3.6 Moments of Truth
  • 3.7 Next-Level Outcomes
  • 3.8 A Foundation for More Than Just Your Business
  • 3.9 Beginning the Cultural Journey
  • 4.1 How Do I Know if the Culture Is Working? 
  • 4.2 Additional Resources
  • 4.3 Recap
  • 5.0 Certificate of Completion

Want to see a sample? 

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the Business Culture 101 course videos!

PACCC Continuing Education Credits

Our Business Culture 101 course is approved by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) for 2 continuing education credits if you are currently certified. The PACCC CEU code will be provided to you at the end of the course.

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