Why details matter at your dog daycare

If a dog daycare employee tells a client, “Fluffy had some diarrhea today,” how is that client going to react? The client may appear worried and is likely going to ask for further information. “How bad was it? Should I be concerned? Did Fido eat something he shouldn’t have eaten? Does he need to go to the vet?” This is why details matter.

It is much more helpful when employees are trained to observe the details of dog discharge, utilize the appropriate terminology for the discharge, and communicate this information to the client effectively. This provides your client with a positive customer experience and gives your client confidence in your team.

Dog Handler Academy provides videos and quizzes to explain the nitty-gritty details of discharge, from explosive diarrhea to cow patties to stool with mucus. It may not be pretty, but these details from your team can help the client determine what they need to do. We even provide a downloadable PDF with visuals of each of the types of discharge that we cover in our videos, so that you can print, laminate, and post it in your facility.

Our online program helps educate your team members on what to observe as well as common terminology to use when communicating to others on your team and to the client. Through Dog Handler Academy, you can provide your team with the knowledge they need to perform their jobs. Your facility will succeed with effective communication and efficient, knowledgeable staff.

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