How do I transition my staff to the Dog Handler Academy training program?

Are you wondering how to transition your staff? Talk to your team about the fun and giggles that your existing staff will have watching these videos. Let your existing staff know that the training will help them to engage with the new staff and minimize errors in communicating about various “dog issues” as everyone will be using the same vocabulary. Present this as a growth tool for the facility.

You need your existing staff to go through the modules so that they can be knowledgeable when new staffers ask questions about the videos. I suggest you make it a challenge—they get paid for the time they spend going through the modules—PLUS give a bonus ($25–$50) for the person who completes it first, and you could do a second bonus for the person with the best score (if there’s a tie, put the names in a bucket to draw for the prize). 

Your existing staff can then help you determine how to incorporate the modules into your SOP (standard operating procedures) manuals. There is additional information that you will need to fill in for your new hires on your specific procedures for handling things at your facility, which your existing team can also help you complete.

Once your existing team has watched the modules (this should take less than a week), you can then remove them from your account on the Dog Handler Academy membership site and add in any new hires (or your next group). By doing this in two steps, it allows for any changes that need to be made in your interoffice communications and to get your existing team using the terminology introduced in the modules.

Dog Handler Academy will continue to create content to help your staff grow and pivot in the ever-changing animal care industry.

Dog Daycare Staff Training Handoff

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