Clean-up time at your dog daycare

It’s clean-up time! When it comes time for cleaning up after a dog, it may seem simple, but your employees need to know what they’re doing (and WHY they’re doing it). Have they used a standard mop bucket before? Do they know how and WHY they should be economical with paper towels? Do you know how much money you’re losing if they are NOT being economical?

Dog Handler Academy provides video instruction and quizzes on how to clean up solid waste, urine, and everything in between. We also discuss the basic differences between degreasers, disinfectants, and enzyme cleaners. 

Our clean-up videos stay generic and we direct your team members to check with your facility for your specific directions and procedures for mixing cleaning solutions. This helps facilitate the conversation between you and your team on where your cleaning supplies and materials are located, how much to use, and what to do if inventory is running low.

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