What does it cost to train a new dog daycare employee?

How much time do you spend teaching your dog daycare staff the everyday duties of dog handling?

So what does it really cost you to train a new dog daycare employee without Dog Handler Academy? Most animal care businesses match a new hire with a senior staff member and give them a checklist. Essentially, you are paying one person to learn and paying another to teach. Let’s say that is $25 per hour for the two to work together.

Dog Daycare Staff Training Handoff

Learning curve

Many agree that the learning curve in this industry is a minimum of 30 days to get a new hire up to speed and functioning solo. New hires may be able to perform certain tasks solo, but they are not solo in their everyday tasks for at least 30 days. Why does it take so long?

You can only teach certain tasks when that particular scenario occurs. So you spend $25 an hour, 35 hours a week for 30 days trying to capture every possible scenario that your new hire will encounter. You hope that your senior staff member is teaching the who, what, and why you want things to be done in the exact way you want it done. How many times have you heard a new hire say, “Oh, I wasn’t shown that.” In your head you’re screaming “What?!” You look at your training checklist and hope that it was marked “taught,” so you can hold someone accountable. What if it wasn’t checked or what if you don’t even have a checklist? You’d love to ensure that everyone is taught the same thing (and soon after they are hired). Through consistent training modules with comprehension quizzes, Dog Handler Academy comes into play.

True cost to train a new dog daycare employee

Without proper, consistent training materials and resources like Dog Handler Academy, training a new employee may cost you at least $3,500 a month. Does that figure take your breath away too? I gasped when I realized it. I kept refining my new hire on-boarding process, but I was always waiting for a scenario to come up so I could train new staff how to handle it. With Dog Handler Academy, we have created training modules with numerous scenarios so you can fast-track your new hires into understanding the basics necessary to do their job. You will save hours of training and remove the human element from the equation, with consistent training and real-life scenarios. Who wouldn’t love to save $1,500+ on training each and every new hire?

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