Fur Family Online Training

Training videos and tips to help you and your family train your dog!

Are you struggling to train your dog at home?

Don’t rehome your dog or take it back to the shelter! 
Give our Fur Family Training online membership a try!

What We Offer

No Time Commitment

No scheduled classes. Learn on your own time, at your own pace, completely online! Your dog can learn better behavior in just 5–10 minutes of training every day!

Family-Oriented Training

Get your kids involved in training with our Fur Family Training videos. The whole family can work together on this (and it helps the dog learn with consistency throughout the family!).

Easy Training Tools

You'll join our private Facebook group to access tons of training videos and information to help you and your dog succeed. Just search the group for the skill you want to teach!

What will you learn to teach to your dog?

Basic commands
Sit, his/her name, come, and stay.
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Loose-leash walking
Paying attention to the owner while walking and ignoring distractions.
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Advanced commands
Long-distance come command, stay with distractions, and loose-leash walking past distractions.
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Does your dog have additional behavior problems?

We also provide videos to help you address jumping, play-biting, barking, digging, and chewing. If you can’t find a video within the private facebook group for the skill you need to teach (or the problem you need to address), just send us a message on the facebook group!

Ready to get started?

Fur Family Online Training Membership


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This online monthly membership is intended for at-home family dog training and DOES NOT include access to our Dog Handler Academy Employee Training monthly membership. If you are interested in the Employee Training monthly membership, please view our employee training membership plans.

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