Unleash the Holiday Cheer: Add-on Ideas for Your Dog Daycare and Boarding Business

As the holiday season approaches, pet parents are not the only ones getting excited about the festivities. Dogs, too, deserve a taste of the holiday spirit during their stay at your dog daycare and boarding facility. Enhance their experience with special add-on services, treats, and activities that will leave tails wagging and create cherished memories for both furry friends and their owners.

Festive Pampering Package

If you offer grooming or bath services, consider creating a holiday-themed grooming package that includes a bath, nail trim, and a spritz of a dog-friendly seasonal fragrance. Add a festive bandana or bowtie to send dogs back to their owners looking and smelling fabulous.

Cozy Comforts

Provide extra cozy bedding or blankets for dogs in boarding during the chilly winter months. Consider offering a warm blanket at tuck-in time for an added touch of warmth and comfort. This will make their stay feel like a home away from home. For a bedtime dessert, offer a dollop of Reddi whip for boarding dogs to enjoy a little indulgence before bed.

Holiday Photo Shoots

Capture the holiday memories with a special photo shoot for the dogs. Set up a festive backdrop and have staff take pictures of the pups with adorable holiday-themed accessories. Share these pictures with pet parents as a delightful keepsake.

Stocking Stuffers and Treats

Create personalized doggy stockings filled with an assortment of holiday-themed treats, toys, and chewables. This adds an element of surprise and joy for both the dogs and their owners when they open them at pickup time.

Culinary Delights

Introduce a special holiday menu for your doggy guests. Offer seasonal treats such as pumpkin-flavored biscuits, turkey jerky, or even dog-friendly gingerbread cookies. You could also offer a special holiday dinner for dogs in boarding during the holidays including shredded turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, and a dollop of Reddi whip for dessert.

Interactive Enrichment Games

Keep the dogs mentally stimulated with holiday-themed enrichment activities. Hide treats in holiday puzzle toys or create a festive scavenger hunt within the play area. This engages the dogs and adds an extra layer of fun to their day.

Holiday Music and Storytime Sessions

Create a calming atmosphere by playing soft holiday music or reading holiday-themed stories to the dogs. This can be especially beneficial for dogs who may feel anxious during their stay. It adds a touch of familiarity and comfort.

Personalized Holiday Cards

If you’re a smaller-sized facility, you could do holiday cards. Have your staff create personalized holiday cards featuring a photo of each dog during their stay. Include a brief update on their activities and well-being. This thoughtful gesture will make pet parents feel more connected and at ease.

Special Playtime with Staff

Offer one-on-one playtime sessions with staff members. This could include a holiday-themed game of fetch with a holiday-themed toy (e.g., “find Santa” or “Reindeer tug-of-war”), a leisurely stroll in a decorated area, or simply some extra cuddle time. Personalized attention enhances the dog’s experience and strengthens the bond with your facility.

Gift Certificates for Pet Parents

Extend the holiday joy beyond the furry guests by offering gift certificates for your services. Pet parents’ families can treat their dogs to a day of play or a pampering session after the busy holiday season.

By incorporating holiday add-on ideas into your dog daycare and boarding business, you’re not only providing exceptional care but also creating a festive and memorable experience for both dogs and their owners. These thoughtful touches will set your facility apart and ensure that every tail is wagging with joy throughout the holiday season.

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