Dog Handler Academy

Meet Eve and learn why she created something that was missing from the dog daycare and boarding industry! She created her own training for dog daycare employees:

Don't waste more time or money
on programs that don't work!

Training for your dog daycare employees without proper,
consistent training materials and resources

may cost you $3,500+ a month

Does that figure take your breath away? It should! 

That is your hard-earned money walking out the door
every time an employee quits.

Our online training video modules and quizzes will fast-track
your staff into understanding the basics of dog handling and

Dog Handler Academy

Online Comprehensive Employee Training

Automated. Consistent. Cost-Effective.

Training your dog handler employees has never been easier!

Dog Handler Academy is an online comprehensive training program to help educate staff members of dog day cares, boarding facilities, shelters, grooming salons, and vet clinics who work with dogs. 

Course 101: Dog Handler Employee Training includes:

  • Discharge (stool, urine, vomit, and how to identify potential concerns)
  • Clean-up
  • Handler behavior
  • Handler tools
  • Canine behavior
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses
  • Kennels and crates
  • Hand-offs and greetings


Course 201: Social Cues & Safety includes: 

  • Canine displays (barks, expressions, and posture)
  • Play types and styles (what to observe and when to intervene)
  • Stress warnings (sounds, displays, and remedies)
  • How to control physical aggression (defense tactics and dealing with biters)
  • How to deal with latches
  • Advanced kenneling techniques 
  • Additional situations within the daycare environment (like dealing with mouthing, how to safely retrieve a toy from a dog, and giving affection and attention)


Course 301: Client Relations includes:

  • Vocabulary, voice, tone, eye contact, and posture
  • Building rapport
  • Leading conversations
  • Gathering your “outs”
  • Settling nervous pet parents
  • Stepping in and stepping up
  • Payment transaction issues
  • Discussing a dog’s behavior at daycare including too much energy, not into daycare, constant barking, and mounting
  • Addressing common questions about a dog’s health regarding injury, Bordetella, stool, appetite and food intake, and first day of daycare questions
  • Policy discussion and reinforcement including vaccination paperwork, client showing up without a reservation, client showing up outside of drop-off hours, and daycare-appropriate collars and leashes
  • Special situations including when the client interviews YOU, uptight pet parents, missing pet items, and canine death

Course 401: Surviving & Thriving in the Workplace includes:

  • Good habits and routines at work
  • Self-assessment
  • Positive attitude
  • Self-advocacy and integrity
  • Taking initiative and effecting positive change
  • The drama triangle
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adversity and coping mechanisms
  • Dealing with destructive behaviors


We are continuing to add courses to our membership all the time, so check back for updates often!


What We Offer

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Your team will watch our real-life scenario videos and take quizzes on proper dog handling techniques and safety measures for a dog daycare and boarding environment. You access exclusive content as the business owner or manager. 

Dog Handler Academy is constantly adding new courses to our monthly membership. You will be notified whenever a new course is added to the membership, so you can review the course content to see what your team will be learning in the next course. 

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Your employees are trained on industry best practice standards using real-life scenarios.

No more waiting for a situation to come up so you can train your new employees on how to handle it!

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View your employees’ progress in courses, add new employees, and remove employees once they’ve completed their courses (or are no longer employed at your facility) easily.

You’ll receive email progress notifications when an employee completes a course! You’ll also receive emails if an employee has NOT started the course within 7 days of gaining access to the course and again if an employee still has NOT completed a course within 14 or 21 days.

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Save and/or print your employees’ program completion certificates for your personnel records, serving as proof of training to aid you in any potential workman’s comp or unemployment issues.


What's the Difference?

Dog Handler Academy

Other guys (B)

Other guys (C)

We love our clients, and they love us!

Wonderful employee training programs to get the basics down without having to keep up with textbooks and DVDs. Easy to use, easy to deal with, very easy to track.
Steven Scott, Camp Scotty
Dog Handler Academy has been an amazing addition to our training program. Our employees receive educational information as soon as they are enrolled and once their training is completed they are knowledgeable in many areas of the canine industry. This is an amazing program and we highly recommend it. Our team comments on how much they love the content vs. other training programs. It used to take months for our team to complete training and now it's less than a week.
Sherry Rogers,
Dream A Dream Dachshunds
Very good training for our revolving door of kennel workers. Really makes it easy to have consistent communication.
Curtis Hastings, The Pup Stop LLC
Unlike a lot of other industry programs, DHA keeps your attention. Each module is short and interesting. It goes over the very basics and builds upon those to give your team a solid foundation to grow professionally.
Dani Petty, Camp Happy Tails
Training staff has to be one of the most difficult parts of our business. This program has helped me to finally implement standards for training new hires. DHA makes it so much easier, and even fun! The videos are quick and knowledgeable and it's easy to keep track of how your employees are progressing. I have also learned a lot myself. What a wonderful (and reasonably priced) resource!
Julie Kramer,
Canine Cabins Luxury Dog Retreat
The training videos are excellent. They are short, which keeps the team engaged, and extremely informative. I highly recommend the Dog Handler Academy to anyone in the boarding & daycare industry.
Barbara Noll, Tail Country Pet Resort

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Choose the monthly plan from Dog Handler Academy below that best fits your business or organization, based on the number of employees you have per month who will be utilizing the training course. You can upgrade at any time!

With the monthly plans below, you’ll get access to Course 101: Dog Handler Employee Training, Course 201: Social Cues & Safety, Course 301: Client Relations, Course 401: Surviving & Thriving in the Workplace, AND future courses in this series as they become available.

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