Current Trends in the Dog Daycare and Boarding Industry

The dog daycare and boarding industry is witnessing a transformative shift, as more pet parents seek high-quality care and unique experiences for their furry companions. With the pet care landscape evolving, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends shaping the industry. Let’s dive into the current trends that are reshaping the world of dog daycare and boarding.

Luxury Pet Resorts
Luxury pet resorts are on the rise, offering dogs a vacation-like experience. These upscale facilities feature lavish amenities like swimming pools, spa treatments, and gourmet meals. Pet parents are willing to invest in these experiences to ensure their pets enjoy a pampered getaway rather than just a simple boarding stay.

Technology Integration
Technology is playing a pivotal role in the industry. Many daycare and boarding facilities post daily photos and/or videos, allowing pet owners to check in on their dogs daily. Additionally, booking apps, online scheduling, and automated communication tools streamline the reservation process, making it more convenient for pet parents. If your facility doesn’t utilize an automated communication tool or app, consider getting one to stay in touch with your clients (and potentially generate additional revenue).

Enrichment Activities
To keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated, daycare centers are incorporating enrichment activities such as puzzle games, agility courses, and sensory experiences. These activities not only provide entertainment but also promote mental well-being.

Health and Safety Protocols
In light of recent health concerns, daycare and boarding facilities are prioritizing health and safety protocols. This includes regular sanitization, HVAC and air purification systems, pet vaccination requirements, and trained staff equipped with pet first aid knowledge.

Specialized Care Services
More facilities are offering specialized services to cater to individual pet needs. This includes senior dog care, separation anxiety support, and pet medication administration. Personalized care ensures that each dog receives the attention they require.

Daycare + Training
Daycare centers are increasingly incorporating dog training programs into their daycare offerings. Through a program like dog school or day training, dogs have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and receive obedience training in multiple sessions throughout the day at daycare. If you’re looking to create this type of program, read about our packages to help you create a dog school program as a solo trainer, within a dog daycare, or as a standalone facility.

Holistic Wellness
Holistic wellness is gaining traction in the industry, with facilities offering services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy for dogs. These practices aim to improve overall health and reduce stress.

As the dog daycare and boarding industry continues to evolve, pet parents can expect a wider range of options and services. Whether it’s a luxury resort or enrichment-based daycare center, the industry aims to provide top-notch care for our four-legged friends and meet the changing needs of pet owners and their beloved dogs.

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