Are you ready for the rush?

Are you ready for the rush? Now’s the time to gear up!

Many dog daycares around the country are beginning to report an influx of dogs in daycare as well as training programs. (Hooray!) This is obviously great for businesses and wonderful to hear for our industry after almost a year of rather slow business for many of us. 

If you haven’t raised your prices in the past year (or two or three), now is the time to do it! Some daycares choose to raise rates across the board and others might increase rates for daycare one year and boarding the next year. It’s okay to check your competitors’ pricing to make sure you’re not at the bottom of the price category, but don’t be afraid to be at the top of the pricing category. Know your worth! You provide exceptional care to the pups and should charge accordingly. Take a look at your rates for all your services and products and analyze the last time you’ve raised prices for each service or product category. Are each of your services and products profitable? Ensure that your pricing covers your fixed and variable costs, plus a profit!

How’s your staffing level? It might be time to hire additional staff to help meet the growing needs of your business. Even if you’re not seeing an influx yet, it’s not a bad idea to post your job listing(s) and get started by doing interviews if you’ll need to add staff in the coming months. If you’re hiring, remember a membership with Dog Handler Academy can help you train your new employees!

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In the Dog Handler Academy monthly membership training program, your team can learn all the basics in Course 101:

  • Discharge (stool, urine, vomit, and how to identify potential concerns)
  • Clean-Up 
  • Handler Behavior 
  • Handler Tools 
  • Canine Behavior 
  • Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses 
  • Kennels and Crates 
  • Hand-offs and Greetings


Our upcoming Course 201: Advanced Dog Handler Employee Training will cover advanced handling topics like defensive handling, spatial pressure, in-depth reading of canine body language, assessment before the bite, various tools used to break up a fight, and more.

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